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The Foxling Series


Since the beginning of the Different World, they have protected children from the horrors of the Witch, meeting her armies in battle time and time again, laying their lives down that those of children may be protected.

This is the tale of a kingdom of magical, fox-like creatures and their vigil over human children. This is the saga of the timeless war between the Great Witch, her armies of Vile Ones, and the Foxlings. A battle for the minds and hearts of human children. 

The Great Witch and her armies of Vile Ones seek to pass through the portal to Our World, to destroy the innocence of human boys and girls, to corrupt their minds and hearts. To make them wicked like themselves.

But the Foxlings stand in their way.

These creatures may be fluffy, small and precious to the eye, but they are pure hearted to their deepest core and fiercely good. They will raise their spears and roar into the Witch’s darkness, “Until our lives are spent, YOU WILL NOT TAKE THEM!"

The Foxling:
Book One - The Different World


Not all wars are fought on a battlefield. And not all monsters are vanquished there. Some of the worst ones, both wars and monsters, are fought inside the human mind.

What starts as a delightful adventure to make a girl's dream come true, transforms into the catalyst of an ancient war renewed.


The Great Witch moves. Her claws seek the minds of children. After 10,000 years or peace, hordes of her Vile Ones threaten to break the seal into the Different World.

The Foxlings rise to meet her. Their spears glisten before her forces.  


And one human girl stands in danger from the monster in her mind.

The Foxlings need to save this human child from the Vile Ones. They need to save her from herself.

COMING Fall 2024

The Foxling Novella

Eight-year-old Charlie Strong, like many of us, has fears. But he has let his fears become his master. One summer day, a Foxling comes to his home, promising to help him. Through three tests, Dreamer the Foxling hopes to get Charlie to face the things that frighten him and conquer his fears. 

This is a cozy, low stakes contemporary children's fantasy that is spin off to the main novels.

Buy The Foxling

Buy The Foxling

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